Photo Contest 2010 : "MAKASSAR CITY TO THE WORLD"

Competition Criteria:
1. Contest Open To Public and does not charge (free).2. Object images are expected to display imaging elements of Makassar in the broadest sense, ranging from urban development, building or tower to public service, cultural diversity and traditional and modern tourism. Work can be a landscape photo, urban, cultural attractions, modern and traditional social life.3. Location Shooting in the city of Makassar4. Each participant may submit photos in black and white or color print their own works.5. Because of this competition also gave special awards to the best photo beebread, the committee may receive a maximum of 7 fruit photographs.6. Photos printed with the longest side of the maximum size of 30 cm. In addition, participants were also required to submit digital files of minimum 3000 pixel long side are stored in JPG format Medium (minimum scale of 6), in cd form.7. Photos have never won the same competition the same competition in previous events.8. On the back side of each photo for the paper affixed with the following information:a. Title photob. Name of participantc. Tel number and / or HPd. Email address (if any)9. Digital imaging is allowed only reasonable (minor editing) and does not constitute incorporation of photographs and / or HDR.10. Photos submitted may not contain elements of provocative, pornography and racial intolerance. The committee reserves the right to disqualify the photo files deemed to contain such elements.11. Photos received by the committee no later than November 10, 2010, pkl 24.00 pm.By delivering directly or sent to address the committee:– Makassar City Government Public Relations Room, City Hall Building, Jl Ahmad Yani No. 2 Floor 2, Makassar.
– Warkop (Anas), Jl Pelita Raya Makassar (next to Office Works).13. Winners will be contacted by mail or telephone committee.14. Gift Delivery will be made at the Photo Exhibition Makassar Towards World Cities In Karebosi Link, Makassar.15. Winners must show valid identification and submit files highres.16. Prizes have included compensation for use of photographs of the winners and nominees if the image is used by the organizers.13. Decree Absolute and the jury can not be contested.Jury:1. Oscar Matuloh (Photographer / Photo Gallery Head Between Jakarta)2. L Paul Zacharia (Photographer / Observer Photography)3. Yusuf Ahmad (Photographer Reuters News Agency)4. Ida Bagus Andi Sucirta (Professional Photographer, Bali)5. Mahfudz (Chief Editor LionMag Magazine, Jakarta)

 Competition Information:
Committee: HP 081944250202Contact Person:Br. Sys Milla: HP.081354682424-(0411) 9342424Muh Narsil: 0411-2316066

Grand Prize for the Best Photo: Cash Money USD 15 Million + Tropy + Certificate
Runner Up Grand Prize: USD 10 Million Cash + Certificate + Tropy

1nd Winner: Cash USD $ 5 Million + Tropy + Certificate2nd Winner: Cash USD 3.5 million + trophy + certificate3nd Winner: Cash USD. 3 million + trophy + certificate
Honorable Mention: USD 2.5 Million Cash + Certificate + Tropy
Special Honorable given to:
– Telkomsel + Cash Award $ 2 Million, To The Best Landscape Photos– Clarion Hotel + Cash Award $ 2 Million, To The Best Photos Culture and Tourism– Karebosi Link Award + 2 Million Cash Money, To the Best Human Interest Photos

 Nominee:50 The work of the Nomination, will receive prizes valued at total of Rp 5 million and took part in the exhibition Photo MAKASSAR CITY TO THE WORLD, in the framework of the Birthday of Makassar City 403 in November 2010


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