The Beauty Of Indonesian Ballet

Ballet is the name of one dance technique. The work of dance that dikoreografi using this technique called ballets, and include: dance itself, mime, acting and music (both orchestral music or singing). Ballet can be displayed alone or as part of an opera. Famous ballet techniques such as pointe work virtuosonya, grand pas de deux, and lifted his feet high.
In Indonesia, the name Farida Oetoyo as a pioneer. During four years of study at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, almost every day starting at 09.00 to 21.00, Farida trained and trained with discipline by his teacher Alla Mihailovna, middle-aged woman who lowered with full knowledge of classical ballet discipline. Besides, he got some other subjects such as art history, characteristics, Management arts, drama and other performances.
At least two ballet numbers labeled Rama & Shinta and “Mount Agung erupts” is a masterpiece choreographer Farida Oetoyo. In addition to these two great works, there are other works that can be recorded as a work of monumental reliable.Among the ballet “Carmina Burana”, “White-White” and “Leaves filthy lucre.” “Mount Agung erupts” and “Rama & Shinta”, received rave reviews when staged at the Open Theatre and Arena Theatre Taman Ismail Marzuki in the 70s. No wonder if a fresh breeze blew ballet enthusiasts in Indonesia. Very enthusiastic about serving the public good quality watch. 

This is one work of Farida Oetoyo while performing at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

All photos Copyright by Tommy Satria Photo’s


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