Stage Photo : Putu Wijaya- A Famous Literary Writer

Born with the name I Gusti Ngurah Putu Putu Wijaya, or better known victory was a versatile man of letters known. He was the youngest of five brothers and three half-brothers, sons of my mother. He lived in a large housing complex, home to about 200 people, which all family members near and far, and had a habit of reading.
Putu Wijaya has written some 30 novels, 40 plays, about a thousand short stories, hundreds of essays, freelance articles, and drama criticism. He also has written film scripts and soap operas. As a playwright, he led the Independent Theatre since 1971, and has staged dozens of plays at home and abroad. Dozens of awards he won in a literary and soap opera scenario.
Short story essay often fill columns in Kompas and Sinar Harapan. Novels of his work often appears in the magazine Kartini, Femina, and Horizons. As a screenwriter, he has twice won the cup image on the Festival Film Indonesia (FFI), to the Virgin Village (1980), and Paper Flowers (1985). As a writer of fiction has many books that result.Among other things, a lot of discussion is the Night When the Night Goes, Telegram, Factory, beaten, Night Suddenly, my friend, Guts.

Here are some photos that managed to record Putu Wijaya now bring one monologue in Jakarta, Indonesia



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