Aceh After Tsunami Disaster – Meulaboh (Part II)

Night trip to Meulaboh with friends who work in non-governmental organizations are very long. Winding road, sometimes paved road and then disappear replaced clay.Sometimes the road is also being lost and we had to find a way.
All were a result of the Tsunami disaster in Aceh. The road from Banda Aceh to Meulaboh more through the coastal area. Brunt of the tsunami can still be seen around the way we’ve been through. Sometimes we met that looks deserted village with no inhabitants and dark.
At 3 am we arrived in Meulaboh, with bodies tired and desperate to straighten the body. A hotel where we stayed were witness to the history of how great the brunt of the tsunami in Meulaboh. Hotel keeper had said, “This hotel is where many bodies of victims found, because the tallest building from the beach, a distance of nearly 1.5 kilometers is this hotel.”
“So many victims are found here,” added the hotel guards.
Promptly at 9 am we get ready in the hotel dining. Sleep a minute and a tired body did not rule out the desire to get around the city of Meulaboh this. We stopped briefly at the beautiful coast of Meulaboh. Concrete buffer is still attached to the beach along the coastline. Marinated fish traders who just opened his shop. “Lonely buyer,” he said.

We tried to talk to the fish sellers. The situation here has changed, first there is a bridge that connects between the village, now no longer exists. Meanwhile, if we have to follow the path that now exist, it takes a long time.
Very soon we were on the deserted beach of Meulaboh. There are tasks that await, we will be interviewed a volunteer non-governmental organizations. We would like to inquire about women’s development after the Tsunami disaster.

One of our findings is a tool holder pregnancy rates are traditionally made. We do not know what the drug is made with, who we know is that the majority of females often use the drug. Unfortunately I have not managed to get it included pictures of the drug.

When finished, without a break we continue the journey to Bireuen. Wait for the next story on the way to Bireuen on writing the third. There we see the persistence of a teacher for help with school construction for local residents, where the population there is a basis of the GAM (Free Aceh Movement).

Here are some photos when we were in Meulaboh, please enjoy


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