Sade Sasak Tribe Traditional Village

Sade hamlet located in District Pujut, Central Lombok, the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province, located approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Mataram.To find this village is not difficult because it is located right on the edge of the highway Praya  Kuta on the outside of the hamlet there is a big sign board that read hamletSade.

Dusun Sade is one of the tribal village, which is indigenous Sasak people of Lombok, the buildings in the village is still very traditional Sade every building made of wood and bamboo walls and thatched roofed in thatch.

Very unique form of houses which consist of 2 rooms, first room contained the front of the room after we entered the main door of the house after that there is space in the location of the second floor is higher rungs of the hall floor, to enter the space within us must go through the door small-sized timber with about 150 cm tall and oval-shaped.

In the space within this there are 2 furnaces for cooking which is made of soil and blend with the floor. Sade Society cook using wood as fuel, not far from the stove there is a room with walls of bamboo which is a bedroom. The distance between floors with a roofso high that the air inside was cool. The houses were neatly lined with nearly the same height from one house to another house that seems so neat.

On the outside of the house there is exactly in front of the house granary buildings whose shape is very typical, there are at the bottom of the balebale barn where residents interact while maintaining the barn. Connecting road between the houses are still made of ground but there are some sections that have been made with cement and tile.

Livelihoods is farming while the women weave their own cloth to make a distinctive lizard motif, the result of weaving the art shop marketed as well as around the house with the price varies depending on the size and complexity of the process of manufacture of woven fabric .

During in this village are felt comfort and peace of the environment, convenience is very difficult to obtain in large cities, although the hamlet Sade was in place along the highway crowd really felt once while flying adventure in it.

Dusun Sade is one of the traditional village which still survive among the hundreds of traditional villages in Indonesia and is the cultural wealth of our country. Hopefully still survive in the modern rapid flow.


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