Suheri, Persons with Disabilities that Make the Doll House

Physical disability is not a barrier for someone to work and create. Not easily discouraged and are willing to work hard, be one for capital to exist in life for normal people though, full of color.

Maybe one day you cross the street in front of Fatmawati Hospital, South Jakarta, or for those that are often up and down the highway, would surely see the doll houses on display at the curb. The houses are made of wood painted with striking colors, pink or pink, purple and white, so that attracted the attention of the beholder.
Suheri (left) photo by Tommy Satria

If you have time stop by, the first impression you get when I see these houses, is the work of someone who is of course an expert and perfect.

Maybe you did not expect, the business of making Barbie doll houses that belonged to aman who uses a wheelchair daily. Although using a wheelchair disabled alias, business owners are able to develop a business that is named The Handycraft.

Suheri (left) photo by Tommy Satria

Business owners were named Suheri or fondly called Mas Heri, told his business and his life journey, including how he became a physically disabled.

A car accident that happened in Palembang, South Sumatra, in 1971, has changed itsway of life. As a result of the accident this man of Chinese descent should receive careat Fatmawati Hospital, South Jakarta.

The most tragic, according to this 55-year-old man, both of his legs was sentenced Fatmawati Hospital doctors can not be used again. Heri could only be resigned toaccept the bitter reality.

He tried to get up to survive somehow, the story Heri. During hospitalization, Heri with friends who meet the same fate, have a variety of skills training that is destined for the disabled.

In 1975 after not require treatment, Heri then moved to Wisma Cheshire Foundation is still in the hospital environment Fatmawati. The Foundation is managed by foreigners who have been living in Indonesia. The foundation’s manager then brings the example model doll houses to be made on this foundation.

Heri-made doll house was eventually booked by many foreigners, because his work is very similar to Barbie‘s house which is outside the country. In addition to making a dollhouse, where Heri work also makes hospital equipment specifically for people with disabilities.

Suheri make a doll house in the working space

According to Heri, most Barbie houses provided their family for a birthday gift orincrease class. Every month, he could sell homemade Barbie doll house up to 90 unitsBesides sold to Semarang (Central Java), Bandung (West Java), and Samarinda (EastKalimantan), Barbie doll house is also in demand from overseas buyers.

Since the number of orders to make a doll house, let alone in the holiday season or an increase in class, would not want Heri had to add workers. Currently, workers place the doll house maker Heri numbered 10 people.

It is said Heri, most home buyers dolls come from various circles. The average buyer was admitted satisfied with home-made doll man born February 25, 1949 Palembang,because it can survive 3 to 4 years.

To satisfy customers, buyers usually are given the freedom to choose the desired shapeand color. Also Heri also seek new ideas to its customers did not get bored with the existing design.

Because tips are always held firm Heri is selling a doll house with cheap prices but provide good quality, food sales of Barbie dolls houses sold Heri make any income from month to month continues to grow.

Suheri together dollhouse job results

Thomazfoto | Tommy Satria Image


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