2 Hours in Madrasah Tsanawiyah Alue Limeng, Jeumpa, Bireuen, NAD

I’m happy to have a new school building

Left promptly at 7:30 am. I try to keep fatigue. “Combat equipment” also was in check. A canon 10 D and 35 mm were ready in the hotel room table where I was staying. Last night my friends in Bireuen promised to invite me to a village full of memories, the village of Alue Limeng, Jeumpa. 

After the shower in the morning, I rushed out of hotel rooms are quite large but this cheap enough. Me and my friends Bireuen agreed to meet at a roadside diner. Hello brother? What good night’s sleep, said Nasir. Hmm, while it’s still pretty tired after the long journey from Meulaboh yesterday, I replied. 

Nasir, a young man born in Aceh, which is very cheap smile. Medium stature with a sports cap that is always wearing. Himself had aspired to become a member of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), because his brother had been a member previously. But now, his desire to change, he wanted to be a member of the House of Representatives Aceh (DPRA) or its parliament in Aceh. 

What brother? our path, said Nasir. I said yes he’s invitation. Travel to the village of Alue Limeng, Jeumpa travel time approximately 15 minutes. In the course of Nasir said, that when the conflict took place here there are black lines, he said, smiling. The line that limits a region between the TNI and GAM. One of the parties are prohibited from crossing the boundary line. If one passes Dorr, Dorr, the sound of barking sniper rifle, he said.

Finally we entered a village street. Roads are deserted and rocks. right and left are large trees and hilly. Nasir still managed to tell if the first contest here where the location of firing military weapons by GAM. I decided that Nasir’s story. Nasir you’d better tell me why it took me to the village? I asked.

Nasir was laughed off. Afraid you’re brother? Nasir said. No! It’s just that I can not take pictures with my Canon it , I replied.

Suddenly the car that brought us to stop. There is a motor driven by an old man slip due to a large stone in the village street. We went down to help the old man. “Who are you? “said the father. Nasir was immediately answered, “I took friends to see the Village Jeumpa Sir”. Old father was just silent, I do not know what she thought.

Finally the trip we stopped at a Madrasah Tsanawiyah. We also met a teacher, Mr. Ali’s name. Nasir spoke in Aceh, I was just silent. My hand was itching to take pictures of the students of this school. Suddenly Nasir gave the code, I was able to photograph the children, he said.

Laughter, jokes, shocked, that‘s what I see. They so enjoy school activities. There are breakfast accompanied by her sisters, who play rock there, those that just sit on the edge of the school building. They were happy to finally get a new school building.

Mr Ali who had been to see me, just smiled. The kids were so excited to see each of my camera shots. Suddenly, Mr. Ali met me, minute recess ended, the children returned to class. Oh yes sir Ali, thank you in advance.

They also enter the class participated in the study. Mr. Ali also allows me to photograph the activities of their students. Mr. Ali explained to the students in the class, that there was a photographer friend from Jakarta.

Mr Ali teaches Quran to their students. All students are enthusiastic about taking lessons. Although their eyes sometimes see my canon camera constantly moving. I had become uncomfortable, like I was disturbing their learning process in class.

Not long after, the school bell rangThe kids are all directly out of the classroom. There is a walk with his friends. There is also a walk on his own. Cheerful faces after studying at the school clearly visible on their faces.

Passion for children’s learning is so high, even though today they just learn to read Quran, but still there the next day for math, science, Indonesian language, and others.

Story of the Ara Tree

Mr Ali, is a simple figure of a teacher. In his heart there is only word teaching. Then, his heart moves to teach children in the village of Alue Limeng, Jeumpa. The school building does not exist, the bench was also gone. Only the spirit that remains tempestuous.

Mr Ali with a background of trees Ara

The children were collected in Ara tree near a field. They are taught to read and writeespecially the Quran. Every day teaching and learning activities it runs. One time it rained, Mr. Ali was confused, because it only protects the Ara tree from the stinging sunAnd learning activities were also halted. Mr. Ali also turn the brain, how these childrencan learn in peace.

Finally the villagers agreed to assist the creation of a school building. Building that was built with a wall board made Mr. Ali a passion to continue working.

When the conflict ends and peace treaties were born, Mr. Ali also submitted proposals to the local education agency for the construction of permanent school buildingsHowever, that request was denied because the Village Jeumpa included in the GAM local area. Mr Ali was shocked, he said Jeumpa Village is part of Indonesian territoryThat is, we are also people of Indonesia.

Finally Nasir friends like these who hear the screams. With the help of Nasir and his colleagues, proposed the construction of school buildings continue to roll down to the DPRA. Nasir struggle is not smooth, sometimes encountering many obstacles, but it’s all smiles now. A new school building had been built, and the kids are back in schoolAnd Mr. Ali went back to teaching. The Ara Tree in the school yard a silent witness to the struggle of education that was still standing.

Thank you for everything

| tommy satria photo | Thomazphoto |  

Books for advance

Aceh, Indonesia: Securing the Insecure State (The Ethnography of Political Violence)Aceh: Art and Culture (Images of Asia)Picturing Islam: Art and Ethics in a Muslim Lifeworld


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