Responsibilities and Duties Photojournalist (English Version)

Actually what the journalist photo (a photojournalist) is not the same as a reporter, the difference is only in cameras and notebooks.
Photojournalist job is to go out and catch one’s life experience, an event that was captured in a movie, and hopefully capture the emotions they experience, so the reader can see and feel how it feels to be there.
A photojournalist is required to grasp the truth, this means that a photographer can not make photos of events that has not happened, when happened and did not create the situation because it does not reach the location on time.
They do not have to move things around the incident scene to make the picture look better.They do not have to change their photos on a computer or in the darkroom, photographers also have to tell the truth, as a reporter.
In the world of work ideally a reporter and photojournalist to be a team in search of a story.After a journalist / reporter was given a story by the editor, told reporters a photo editor / person in charge of pictures of news / stories would be written, and photo editor will assign a photographer to work with the reporter. This team will discuss the story, the writing point of view, subject to interview and photograph the best man to be displayed.
Sometimes photojournalist will pursue a story. The story was a series of photos and commonly called a “photo essay” or “picture story.” Several photo essay relies largely on the photos to tell the story in words only that of “information” that describe what is happening in the picture.
Responsibilities and Duties
Duties and responsibilities vary from photo journalist from the newspaper they work or from news agencies in which they shelter. The main task of the photojournalist is to take pictures of news. They are responsible for providing a clear picture, easy to read, high quality, true image, and as much as possible to convey a meaningful message to their readers when published.
There is also the paper also provides an additional task for the photographer, for example, do the editing on film or digital card them, scan their images to a computer, adjust the tone and color of the images using Adobe PhotoShop and / or chemical mixing.
They also may be required to read the story and working with reporters about what photo ideas relating to the story to be written. Photographers may be called the source to set the time and place of photo session. Meanwhile, there are a number of photojournalist utilize police scanner communications so that in terms of news, they can more quickly to the scene.
Just like other jobs, photojournalist job descriptions vary from publication to publication. To make it easy, I will describe my experience as a photojournalist / stringers on the field for the Tempo News Room (TNR).
A short message in the form of an SMS from Photo Editor / Photo Editor / Coordinator coverage when it held a special photo Hariyanto (Chiefs Photo Media Indonesia), will tell about an event, issue or activity that either will happen, is happening and has even occurred (photographer asked look for his photo illustration). Or a short message that can be a call from a reporter to look for news on sources together.
I will immediately go to the location in question to take pictures of an event. The task of a photo journalist / photojournalist does not stop just taking pictures of such events. You also have to understand aspects of the 5 +1 w H in the photos you take. Tempo News Room (TNR) is very strict in the use of 5 w +1 H, as Photo Editor (Hariyanto) will ask for the details of this problem only for a photograph.
Photos / pictures that have been taken, I usually take it to the office. There I was asked to scan or menstransfer the pictures in a special folder (Digital Download) according to the names listed photojournalist Tempo News Room (TNR). This is where I started doing photo selection appropriate to the content of news, a photo caption (caption), do the cropping, and if the image is finished I save as the new folder (Digital Edit).What is Digital Edit ? Digital Edit is a collection of daily folder contain the photos
From the Edit is a Digital Photo Editor / Photo Editor will view and select photos that will be broadcast or shown along with the news or even unrelated to the news made by the reporter, either for newspapers, magazines and / or online Tempo.

Anti-Terror Force on guard after doing an ambush against terrorists who attack commercial aircraft in the simulation Garuda Indonesia anti-terror exercise at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, 2004. (Tommy Satria)

A photo above is the result of my cooperation with the reporter on duty. A short message on my cell phone on my direct this activity to convey to Photo Editor / Photo Editor of TNR. In the morning before dawn I had already left the airport to get a picture of the simulated anti-terror exercises.

Then how big the role of a Photo Editor / Photo Editor?  see details next days

| Tommy satria |


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