Kuda Lumping Dance – An Immune Secret and Magical Powers

Kuda Lumping or jathilan (jaran kepang)  is a traditional Javanese dance center featuring a group of soldiers on horseback. This dance uses a horse made ​​of wicker and bamboo which is cut like the shape of a horse. Matting horse is decorated with colorful paint and fabric.

Lumping horse dance scenes usually show only the horsemen, but some performances will also serve lumping horse possessed attractions, immunity,and magical powers, like eating glass and attractions immunity against flogging whipJaran braid is part of the dance performances reog.

Though this dance came from Java, Indonesia, this dance is also inherited by the Javanese settled in North Sumatra and in some areas outside of Indonesia as in Malaysia. Lumping horse dance is played with a horse property imitation, made ​​from woven bamboo or braid. None of the historical record can explain the origin of this dance, only verbal history passed down from one generation to the next.

That said, lumping horse dance is a form of appreciation and support of the commoners against the cavalry of Prince Diponegoro in the face of Dutch colonizers.There is also a version that says, that lumping horse dance depicting the struggle ofRaden Patah, assisted by Sunan Kalijaga, against the Dutch colonialists. Another version states that, this dance tells about the war games led by the Sultan of Mataram forces lane I, King of Mataram, to face the Dutch troops.

Regardless of the origin and historical value, lumping horse dance reflects the spirit ofheroism and military aspects of a cavalry or cavalry. This can be seen from themovements rhythmic, dynamic, and aggressive, with the flick of woven bamboo,mimicking the movement like a horse in the midst of war.

Often in lumping horse dance performances, also featured attractions that demonstratethe power of magical supernatural smells, such as the attraction to chew glass, cuttinghis arm with a machete, burn away, walking on broken glass, and others. Perhaps, this attraction is reflected supernatural powers in the ancient Kingdom of developing inJava environments, and is a non-military aspects that are used to fight the Dutch troops.

In the show, do not need a special choreography, equipment and supplies as well asKarawitan gamelan. Gamelan to accompany lumping horse dance is quite simple,consisting only of Kendang, Kenong, Gong, and trumpet, the flute to sound shrill

Poems is sung in the accompanying dance, usually containing the appeal that peopleare always doing good deeds and always remember the Great Creator. 

Besides containing the elements of entertainment and religion, traditional arts lumpinghorse is often also an element of ritual. Since before the show begins, usually a handlerrain or shaman who will perform the ritual, to maintain the sunny weather remember to keep the show is usually carried out in the open field. 

[ all photo ‘s : tommy_satria@yahoo.com


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